Clive Harris


Clive was one of the early adopters of Telemarketing in the UK, developing teams who were rated amongst the top performing in Europe in the late 80s. He contributed to the development of the industry by researching and reporting the market development with The Henley Centre in 1994 and established his own Consultancy business the same year. Since then he has worked with over 150 different organisations, worldwide and in almost every industry sector.

Clive is skilled in the communication cycle with customers throughout their entire relationship with a Company. An expert in both inbound and outbound telephone sales and a talented script writer, he has worked at every point in the customer lifecycle to enhance the customer experience and thereby engender extended brand loyalty and deliver greater lifetime value. His development of detailed Quality Assurance programmes for a number of organisations has made this necessary discipline a positive and motivational development tool for companies and the people they employ.

Clive has also developed multi-faceted customer loyalty programmes for several different organisations. With a background in Marketing, he is able to ensure that every communication with the customer reinforces brand and strategic objectives, whilst always enhancing the overall customer experience.