Phil Stubbs


Phil has a passion for helping organisations improve support services within Customer Services and Telemarketing environments. He has a strong track record in assisting businesses improve forecasting, planning, real time management and reporting capability – which has brought measurable commercial benefits.

He has particular expertise in improving forecasting accuracy, grounded in postgraduate academic study at Lancaster University Management School, followed up with over twenty years of real-world experience applying best practice techniques across a wide range of problem situations. His first assignment resulted in significant improvement in the accuracy of gas demand forecasts for British Gas, and the research was published in a leading academic journal.

Phil has an excellent ability to deliver decision models, particularly resource requirement models, “What If” tools and other commercial models to evaluate cost and revenue opportunities. He has much experience of Excel, simulation modeling, queuing theory, scheduling and other Operational Research techniques. He has a well-developed commercial focus, and has had much success in developing & coaching managers and analysts with technical and leadership skills. He has strong experience of business process outsourcing, both as client and supplier – including contract negotiation, performance management, implementation management and creating risk & reward mechanisms.

While working at Pipex Communications, one of Phil’s responsibilities was to ensure that its operations were ready to deal with the response to a DRTV advertising campaign featuring David Hasselhoff. Service levels were reliably achieved throughout the campaign, during which Phil escorted The Hoff within the company’s Telemarketing department. There is no truth in the rumour that Phil has been shortlisted for the next series of Baywatch…..