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Our Principal – Michael Anderson

  • We are a values based, team of professionals who are passionate about transforming the customer experience
  • We think ‘Digital’ recognising it’s not just about technology but is about the organisational change and stakeholder management needed to embrace our dynamically changing environment.
  • Our experience is practical having been gained in many industry sectors
  • We understand the multi cultural challenges that have to be nurtured, as we’ve worked across Europe, North America, India and Asia
  • We work with you and for you – we aim to become your Trusted Advisor
  • All of us have received many positive and referenceable feedback


Our Work


We Use Systematic Methodologies for Delivering Our Services

We use a range of tools and methodologies, depending on the work in question. First principle in our Digital approach is to marry an ‘agile’ approach, developing prototypal solutions, that still have a high level of rigour and thought, backed up with insight and expertise gained elsewhere of what ‘could’ work and what ‘should’ work


Program Management


Interim Management


Skills Development


Assessment Centre Design


Capability Assessment & Reviews


Change Management


Business Transformation


Business Insight and Analytics

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Linden Holiday

Michael led a complex and culturally sensitive change programme for me in my role as Group Customer Service at Centrica. The change required was across a large and geographically dispersed customer service environment, requiring a high level of political sensitivity as well as a very high level of co-ordination. The necessary outcome of the programme was a large programme of redundancy, which has to be handled professionally and with great courage and Michael balanced the highly complex technical detail with the subtleties of the human requirement with consummate professionalism. He managed a programme team of client and upper resources very effectively and was highly respected by the team, by the operation and indeed the senior management community throughout the whole process. I would have no hesitation in utilising Michael’s services in the future, and would recommend him as a high quality transformation manager, on either the client or supplier side.

Linden Holiday
CEO / MyDrive Solutions Limited

Lewis Findlay

As well as demonstrating exceptional strength across the full portfolio of skills generally expected from a senior Programme Manager, Michael further distinguishes himself in my opinion against his peer group, having proven his ability to gain the confidence and trust of senior management, which in turn helps ensure full and continued engagement of all relevant stake-holders within that programme.

Lewis Findlay
Experienced Digital MD (Betting/Gaming/Fin-tech)

Dominic Matthews

Michaels project management skills were excellent and evident throughout. He has a strong understanding of the management of internal politics, the need to deliver the job on schedule and has enough experience to keep staff hearts and minds at the front of the brief too. A great combination. Michaels experience from external consulting was very evident and of a high standard, he is the best I have worked with. DM

Dominic Matthews
Commercial Projects Director / Ladbrokes PLC

Ross Tuffee

I have worked with Michael for over 18 months and have really enjoyed the experience. In Michael's role as Programme Director for a major IT change project - I have always found him to be very honest, balanced and integral in all his dealings. He is particularly able to operate well in politically diverse organisations where central control is not a natural way of operating. He is a very skilled stakeholder manager and has helped to resolve complex issues quickly and effectively. I consider him a very experienced "go to person" who can see issues from different angles and always gives sound council as a result. Michael has proved to be a very effective leader across a programme that consists of many work-streams stretching across multiple stakeholders and budgets. Im looking forward to the opportunity of working with him again.

Ross Tuffee
Co-Founder / DOGFI.SH Mobile Ltd ◆ Award Winning Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Jas Chong

Michael and I worked togethether in a digital transformation programme that was highly complex and intenive. It was both energising and invigorating working for Michael in the programme. His composure and response to situations gave the team the courage to forge ahead knowing he was behind us. At the same time, he gave us space to do our best and grow in confidence to deal with the most complex of issues. A great leader with whom I would love to work with again.

Jas Chong
Agile Coach and Consultant / PALO IT

Martin Hill-Wilson

Having previously worked with Michael as a very customer focussed and well planned client at Thomas Cook, I re-established contact when he had taken on a senior thought leadership role at Cap Gemini for customer value management. His commercial orientation and obvious expertise in taking brands from ground zero on a journey to service excellence remained striking whenever we pitched together. In my judgement, Michael is one of the top tier UK service executives and would be no doubt in great demand given the number of brands that still need to make that journey!

Martin Hill-Wilson
Customer Service, Customer Experience & Beyond Silos Strategist - Author, Keynote Speaking & Masterclasses

Craig Buckley

I was first introduced to Jill over 14 years ago where she worked as a Senior Consultant and I initially utilised her services to design & deliver a sales through service Culture Transformation Programme that I was responsible for within NatWest. The results and benefits of this programme greatly exceeded my expectations and I have returned to Jill time and time again over the years and throughout my career to design, manage and land various transformational training and leadership development programmes - she has never failed to deliver for me. Quite simply, I would regard Jill as the best in the business (I have worked with many others in this field so can see the difference). She has a unique talent to work with the senior team and really get the best out of individuals at all levels. Jill is without question the most insightful person I have ever had the pleasure to meet and really connects with people to understand what is really going on. She has supported me with various training requirements from call centre Advisers to coaching senior leadership teams - flexible, high impact and results focussed. A class act who I would highly recommend.

Sales Director / Telstra (Philippines)

Heather Richards

Jill Galvin has been at Co op Bank working with the Senior team in the HR function but engaging and influencing with all senior stakeholders across the Bank. Jill has helped to shape our learning and development strategy which has included; creating the governance, including the creation of a learning forum. Working with the high priority business areas to understand what their learning requirements are and check the strategic alignment. She also worked on the LMS strategic solution. In addition to this Jill developed and delivered some bespoke learning interventions which were first class. Jill added a huge amount of value here and her work will make a big difference!

Executive Director / Co Op Retail and Commercial Bank

Jill Galvin

I worked with Michael for a number of years and managed the training team. During this time I and the rest of the senior management team found ourselves constantly challenged to create anexceptional customer experience through engaged employees and collaborative supplier relationships. The testimony in what we achieved, through Michael's leadership, has stood the test of time as the business has flourished and so have his team His leadership is inspired; his emotional intelligence brings together different people with differing skills and qualities and his focus on improving the customer journey and experience, underpinned by commercial delivery, is relentless Michael was, and still is, a mentor to me and his integrity and passion to do the right thing for the customer, team and business is second to none.

Director / helping organisations, people and customers achieve their goals

Matt Gelbwaks

Michael took on the role of Program Manager to shepherd through TUI's digital transformation program across 16 financial entities and dozens of departments constituting thousands of individuals. With flourish and aplomb, he moved a number of celestial bodies from brownian motion into the most coordinated set of interdependent orbits. It was sheer poetry. Michael's composure under stress and strain was a work of art and was thrilling to participate in. His ever sage mentoring and coaching created an environment full of learning. I would, in a heart beat, work with or for him again, anywhere!

New Directions Using Agile Methods

Steve Rescorla

I have known Michael for nearly twenty years, and he is one of the most customer focused individuals that I have had the pleasure to work for. He thinks ‘customer’ in every situation, and is able to relay this passion successfully at all levels from the front line to the Boardroom, to drive action and change. He has an empowering leadership style, providing clear direction, whilst also making space for the teams that he leads to convert that strategy into action. He has a very direct, honest management style; and combines constructive challenge with active support where required. He has a very deep and wide knowledge of the Contact Centre industry, and readily shares this experience with his teams to deliver the best possible results. It is always a pleasure to work with Michael, and I hope that we will work together again in the future.

Managing Consultant - Capgemini Consulting, United Kingdom

Michael Mette

Michael has got the task to – together with his team – accompany IKEA Germany on our journey from a non-performing Customer Support Center, not living-up to a single KPI we’ve set-up ourselves, to a modern, customer need driven and self-learning organisation that fulfils our own and even more our customer’s expectations in a CSC as part of our Multichannel Transformation! He has been very clear concerning our CSC performance one year ago and at the same time extremely energising in painting a picture how our journey to a modern and well performing CSC could look like. His evaluation about different colleagues being able to contribute to this journey whether or not have been “on the spot”. He and his colleagues have sparked a fire amongst our colleagues in our 2 existing CSC’s by showing them how to set-up goals, new training methods, how to get back in control of our technical stuff (IVR) and much more!

Deputy Country Retail Manager, Germany

Cherayar Selmes

Michael and I have worked together for over a year and I would highly recommend him. He is a very skilled Programme Manager with excellent stakeholder management, leadership and engagement skills. Michael’s approach is inclusive and collaborative, whilst providing clear direction and momentum for the Programme team. With clients, he adopts a healthy, challenging perspective with a strong focus on the end goal and performance improvement. Michael brings sector knowledge as well as extensive experience of what it takes to successfully deliver change. Michael is also extremely personable, genuine and fun to work with. I look forward to working with Michael again in the future.

Client Partner / Change Management Group

Jörg Malang

Michael was always very thoughtful in his actions. Anticipating issues and navigating through sometimes difficult waters were his core strengths. At the same time, a very pleasant person to work with. Complexity is something that makes Michael strive and I would always recommend to hire him for a digital transformation program related role.

CPO & Managing Director / HOTEL DE GmbH

Ferry Lichtenberg

Michael is a modern leader in every sense of the word. He does what he says in his personal description and he does it very well. A leader by example, he has the qualities and experience to build great teams and deliver successful results. He is genuinely interested in people and cares greatly about individuals well-being, both professionally and privately. Michaels personal goals are ambitious and inspirational. These qualities will make you want to work with him.

I implement change that sticks and delivers results / Ticketmaster
Jan Gliszczynski

Jan Gliszczynski

It was an absolute privilege to have worked with Michael who was a real driving force behind some monumental changes which we have started to put in place at Ikea. It's difficult to convey how much knowledge and experience he brings to a room and how adept he is a creating meaningful and long-lasting change in an organisation. A real pleasure to work with, his presence will surely be missed at our office.

Process Developer / IKEA & Owner of HINT
Pierre Villeneuve

Pierre Villeneuve

Customer experience is connect human to human with engagement, emphaty and passion. Michael brought this vision and supported our customer support center in france during some months to achieve customer satisfaction throughout comitted, motivated coworkers. His hudge ,abroad and diverse background, his high professional skills and also his british humour were well appreciated per all coworkers. Work hard but with fun and with a meaning ! discuss, argue but listen! give strong but honnest feeback! this is our great and unforgettable

Chief Customer Officer / IKEA France SAS

Jürgen Nowatzki

Michael is very experienced in leading high Level projects and in all aspects of the Customer Contact Business B2C. he has strongh leadership skills and a clear focus on reaching agreed Goals.

Country Customer Relations Manager / IKEA Germany

Our Success Stories


Great things are done by a series of small things


The client is a world leader in home furnishings and products and, across their global Customer Service Centre estate (26 in total), contact volumes in all channels were increasing and out of control. This was resulting in poor service level performance and low customer satisfaction and co-worker engagement.


How do we understand and better control demand and deliver an improved customer experience and co-worker engagement


Following an assessment of the individual countries, using a range of tools and diagnostics, the final report articulated the detailed findings and considered a possible 2-stage improvement plan. The agreed overall approach was heavily resourced with client co-workers, combined with Contact Centre SME’s and consultants specialising in the improvement methodology.
They facilitated the development of the solutions, coaching the co-workers through

  • Analysis and design
  • Opportunity development
  • Solution development
  • Pilot
  • Roll-out
  • Embed
  • Underpinned by a Benefit Tracking process

The client is one of the worlds largest leisure travel companies, operating in over 180 countries, servicing a customer base in excess of 30m. The portfolio includes the management of airlines, hotels and cruise ships, by 55k employees

Although highly successful, all source markets in the group, operate independently of each other and whilst individually profitable, there was recognition that the customer experiences vary considerably and there was an opportunity to deliver a differentiated Digital Customer Experience

Development of the Digital Transformation strategy, required considerable buy-in across all source market stakeholders. The strategy including building eight digital ‘hubs’ located across the various source markets, with each hub leading the individual development and builds for their capability e.g. Mobility, Web & Search, Customer etc. The first operational hub (mobility) successfully built an award-winning app and (at time of exit) had been launched into 5 of 9 source markets and circa 600k downloads.

All of the hubs required new Digital technologies and capabilities, necessitating the creation of a fast decision making governance process and the introduction and adoption of an ‘Agile’ approach.


The client is a British-based gaming company with a t/o of £1.2bn and 13k employees. The predominant channel was through the c2,500 retail shops, on-track locations and, telephone customer service and sales centres.

Challenge #1

New Digital and Peer-to-Peer entrants were attacking the revenues of the traditional legacy retail high street. In addition, significant cost pressures on the business required dramatic solutions, one of which was to totally overhaul the Telephone Sales business.

Solution #1

Following a review of various solutions, the decision was taken to consolidate the Telephone business into one ‘Virtual’ capability, utilizing a single Contact Centre and creatively including around 500 stores as a call taking capability. Given the stores had significant reduction of footfall either side of the ‘Off’ training 1000 store staff to take and service calls, resulted in significant uplift in revenues and annualised savings of £4m.

Challenge #2

With the advent of on-line gaming, accelerated by new entrants to the market, the traditional ‘bookie’ whilst still performing reasonably well in the high street, was finding a challenging and changing environment amongst it’s core customer base. As a consequence, it’s customer, who were in the main loyal, were moving some of their ‘wallet’ to the new channels and range of products on offer.

Solution #2

A new trading platform and new operating model were developed, with the result that a wide range of new products were developed, underpinned by a new approach for the Trading organisation. A ‘Bet-in-Play capability, across a wide range of existing and new sports, was developed, enabling the ‘traders’ to transform from a 1:1 /trader: trading relationship to a 1:20 performance. This reduced trading costs by 30% and as Customers embraced the new in-play products, revenues increased by 173%.


The client provides home and emergency services to over 7 million policyholders in over 4 million households in UK, US, Spain & France


Following its demerger from a utilities company, it had grown exponentially and quickly rose to become a FTSE 250 organisation. It was clear if it was to grow at the rate it was, mission critical components of the business needed to be upgraded and the Finance systems were the main priority


Following a strategic review across the four territories, a programme was created to 1) evaluate a shortlist of vendors 2) identify and evaluate an SI partner 3) develop and run a detailed analysis and design leading to an implementation approach, incorporating benefits, risks, costs & timings

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